Privacy Policy

Donze Communications (DC) collects general information from each user session, such as the domain you used to access our site (for example,, or a numerical IP address), the date and time you accessed our site, how long you stayed on our site and what pages you visited. This information does not include your email address or any other personal information about you.

We use this data to measure the number of visitors to our site and to help us bring you more of what you like about We also may share this anonymous information with our advertisers, event promoters or other third parties.

We will not send you any newsletters or emails unless you ask us to. We will never make our email address lists available to anyone. However, such subscribed email may occasionally include advertising references and special offers that DC has approved for distribution to subscribers.

If at any time you provide us with credit card information, such as when ordering a product or service, please be assured that we endeavor to use secure technologies to protect such information against unauthorized disclosures. Credit card information may be shared with the party that provides the product or service that you are purchasing, the credit card companies themselves and with other credit verification organizations.

We also may make general information about the purchases available to third parties from time to time. Please note that this policy applies only to DC, and that different policies may be applied by third party vendors and suppliers of services through DC.