Bob Scott

Bob Scott's radio voice is one of the most recognized voices in the area. It should be. He has been on the air for more than 40 years now. You have also probably heard his voice on TV commercials but his passion has always been radio.

Bob got his drivers license and first class radio engineering license the same summer he turned 16. He also began what turned out to be a successful radio career.

"I really planned on being a lawyer but I got hooked on radio," he said.

Scott has just about done it all.

"I've been a disc-jockey (we actually played records), sportscaster and newsman."

He started the legendary "Nitewatch" rock and roll program which ruled the area airwaves thru the 70's.

"The station only received CBS singles back then so I took my own album collection in. We were playing the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, and Moody Blues on 100,000 watt KSGM FM before the St. Louis stations."

Scott has many sports broadcasting memories.

"If you asked folks around here to name the first sports program at Valle to win a state championship you would probably hear them say football...and that's understandable considering the success the school has had in football. And almost everyone remembers the year Valle and Ste. Genevieve public both won state football titles. But the correct answer is volleyball and that same year both Valle and Ste. Gen won state volleyball titles."

"Art Schwent called the Valle game at 6:00 and I was in Kansas City to broadcast the Ste. Gen HeadHunters game at 8:00. It was quite a night."

Scott says he has lost track of how many high school volleyball, basketball and football games he has broadcast thru the years.

"When I started it was two-hit volleyball and there was no three-point shot in basketball."

As a newsman he has covered all the major local events through the last four decades.

"The flood of 93 tops the list and there was an ice storm that paralyzed the area for weeks. But I'll never forget describing the approach of a tornado that nearly hit the Chester Bridge. I was in our Chester studios on the third floor of the bank building. I could see the funnel from our windows. When the tornado roared into Chester it took most of the roof off the Randolph County courthouse and slammed it against my building. It was scary. Moments later we lost power. When I ventured out into the street it looked like a war zone. For years I had people walk up to me and thank me for that broadcast. They told me they heard my call to move to a place of safety and it may have saved their life."

Scott handles program director duties at both KSGM and KBDZ and is the station's sales manager.

"It's small market so we wear a lot of hats but that's also what makes it so interesting."

Bob was instrumental in booking the "Charlie Daniels" band as a station promotion at the Perry Park Center in 2000.

Scott says he looks forward to new challenges too.

"Radio and the internet are merging. We want to be one of the innovative companies that leads the way."

"It's exciting because I have talented people all around me to work with."